Redgate makes AlwaysOn Availability Groups always accessible


Redgate Software, the company behind industry-leading database management products, has released a new version of SQL Monitor which now monitors the complex environment of AlwaysOn Availability Groups for SQL Servers.


With the latest version of SQL Monitor, users can make the most of AlwaysOn Availability Groups which, while offering many advantages, come at the cost of being difficult to manage and oversee. SQL Monitor v5 resolves the issue by giving users the ability to monitor availability groups, and providing an availability group-specific overview screen.

A real-time performance monitoring and alerting tool for SQL Server with a web-based UI, SQL Monitor is already used by many Fortune 100 companies who like the time it saves and the clear insights it provides.

SQL Monitor v5 enhances those capabilities with awareness of operational and performance issues specific to AlwaysOn Availability Groups. It covers the concerns and complexities availability groups can introduce and monitoring coverage for all host machines and availability group replicas.

As Grant Fritchey, SQL Server MVP, explains: “Protecting your databases using availability groups adds an excellent tool to your disaster recovery and high availability capabilities. However, these capabilities bring with them the need to monitor the activities and functionality of the availability group. SQL Monitor v5 gives users much better control because it lets them know exactly what’s going on.”

The new availability group overview will be of particular interest because it shows at one glance the status and performance of an availability group and allows users to drill down into the replicas and databases. With 17 new availability group-specific metrics and six new alert types, it gives users a complete picture of their databases.

The upgrade also includes a new Active Directory integration feature which lets users log in with their Windows credentials, while giving administrators granular control over which monitored servers users are allowed to see. This improves collaboration by, for example, giving developers performance insights into production servers without having to grant them direct access, and allowing business intelligence teams to only see the servers relevant to them.

With support for SQL Server 2016 built-in, SQL Monitor v5 means all of the advantages that AlwaysOn Availability Groups bring are always accessible to all users.


For further information, please contact:
Mark Champion, Product Marketing Manager, Redgate Software
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