February half term means fun at the Centre for Computing History


The Centre for Computing History will be open every day during February half term (15th-19th February). As well as the usual exhibits, the centre is also running a fantastic range of educational workshops over this period.


The Centre says:

Come along and enjoy our usual blend of history, learning, and interactive fun!

Family Gaming Night

13 February 2016, 6pm-10pm

An evening of video gaming for all the family!!
We'll have more video games consoles and computers out for you to play than you can shake a stick at, including rarer machines and extras from our archive that we don't normally have out on display

Bug Your Bedroom

17 February 2016, 11am

Come along to this fun workshop and learn how to create the beginnings of an intruder alarm to protect your bedrooms from being invaded by parents and siblings!

Scratch and Pi

17 February 2016, 2pm

What can we make Scratch Sprites do?  Can we get them to control blinking LEDs, buzzing buzzers or a motorised wheel? In this workshop, we’ll be using Scratch to program the Raspberry Pi.

Build Your Own Adventure Game

18 February 2016, 11am

Twine is a brilliant online tool for constructing interactive stories.  Come along and learn to use it to build a tale of dragons, spaceships or spies (or maybe all three in one story!) that your friends can then play through.

Electronics Lab: Build an Electronic Dice

18 February 2016, 2pm

Come and build yourself an Electronic Dice!  Ideal for budding electronics engineers, this is a great project where you build an electronic dice that will revolutionise the way you play board games!

Learn to Code

19 February 2016, 11am

Do you know what a computer programmer does? Ever wondered what coding is? Never written a program before? Then, this workshop is for you!

Game On!  The Guided Tour

19 February 2016, 2pm

Video games have progressed from simple black and white pixelated play to immersive, filmic epics that rival any blockbuster movie. But how did this happen?



If you have any queries, get in touch with the Centre at admin@computinghistory.org.uk, or by phone on 01223 214446



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