Angie Moyes of Fuz designs logo for new theatre company Wonderlamb

The logo design for Wonderlamb Theatre came about by a modern, and unusual sequence of events.


Angie Moyes explains:

Via networking I had come across a local site for creatives that was just starting up –Neotists. I liked the look of it and posted a short bio.

A few weeks later I was contacted by Cecilia Cordeiro via Facebook messenger, who had seen me on the Neotists site. Cecilia was starting up a theatre group and needed a logo. We had a phone call where I found out what she was trying to achieve – and I 'got' her passion for the theatre group.

After the call Cecila actually had a look at other logos on my website. I had a message back from her – sorry but she thought the logos featured on there didn’t really work for her - to be fair, they are quite corporate in the main. But we had had a conversation and her passion for her new venture had sparked ideas in me.

I’d got an idea from speaking to her of what would look great for her logo. Anyway, we left it there. But a week or two later, I came across a font that I was sure would be great for her. So I took a chance and bought it, then sent her the typography. She loved it. Here it is in its final form. (And, no, we've never met!)



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