AlgoDynamix presents at WIRED Money 2016

AlgoDynamix will be presenting at the WIRED Money 2016 event in London next week (23rd June 2016).


AlgoDynamix has been selected by a panel of Fintech experts to present their deep data portfolio risk solutions at the the WIRED Money 2016 event in London on 23rd June 2016. The WIRED Money 2016 event is run this year in conjunction with BBVA, ”the best digital bank of the 21st century”.

Simon Broch from the ever expanding AlgoDynamix business development team will be pitching on the day, he says, “this is a great opportunity for AlgoDynamix and I’m very excited to present this amazing new technology. My presentation will cover how AlgoDynamix is reshaping the world of finance and addresses the need for more sophisticated portfolio tools in the modern age.”

About AlgoDynamix:

London and Cambridge based AlgoDynamix is an innovative risk analytics company that detects disruptive events in global financial markets and anticipates price movements hours or days in advance of the event. The software is used by family offices, asset managers including hedge funds and investment banks. AlgoDynamix have been selected alongside the other companies by WIRED for their potential to disrupt business-as-usual. AlgoDynamix CEO Dr. Jeremy Sosabowski was also recently interviewed at their technology innovation centre in Cambridge, UK:


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