Cresset publishes June 2016 newsletter


News from Cresset on software and contract research services for the discovery and design of novel compounds.


Using services to evaluate software

Martin Slater, Director of Cresset Discovery Services, explains an innovative alternative to running in-house evaluations. By using services to evaluate software you can try the software on your own project data, saving you time and resource.

Analyze SAR and property data

Analyzing SAR and property data is a core expertise for Cresset Discovery Services. We have experience working with a wide range of different targets, including fragrances, flavors, standard pharmaceutical reagents and anti-fungal agents.

Presentations from User Group Meetings

The Cresset 2016 North American and European User Group Meetings included presentations and workshops in Cambridge, MA and UK respectively. A large and diverse group of scientists gathered to share ideas and experiences in the latest computational approaches to the design and optimization of small molecules. See workshop content plus presentations we have permission to publish.

Flavors, fragrances and force fields: Using pharma methods to sniff for substitutes

Computational methods that analyze how drugs interact with protein targets are also effective for flavor and fragrance molecules. Read how to use pharma methods to sniff for substitutes, as published in Chemistry Australia.

Lead Finder: Protein-ligand docking

As announced by press release earlier this month, Cresset are pleased to be the exclusive global distribution and support partner for BioMolTech’s Lead Finder protein-ligand docking software.



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