Angie Moyes of Fuz designs the new logo for Storm Therapeutics

Angie Moyes of fuz has designed the logo for Storm Therapeutics, the new name for Iceni Therapeutics, a new Cambridge spin-out company created to explore the commercial development of IP from the Gurdon Institute in Cambridge.


Angie writes:

Storm Therapeutics is a much stronger, and better name. We could have used the same logo as Iceni Therapeutics, but it didn’t match the strength of the new name. The new logo still depicts RNA, but in a slightly different way to the Iceni Therapeutics logo.  It's a much tighter design and has a great feeling of force and direction. The biggest task was trying to not make the ‘S’ – which forms the logotype, look like an 8!

The logo design for Storm Therapeutics was commissioned by Professor Tony Kouzarides (FMedSci, FRS), Deputy Director of The Gurdon Institute.

The underlying technology involves modification of the activity of non-coding RNA by targeting RNA modifying enzymes with small molecules. This is an exciting new area of cancer biology relevant to oncology but potentially with broader application.

The design process

Angie adds: "Tony was very clear what he wanted the logo to achieve, so I had a really good brief. It's a great logo, simply describing the modifying action of the molecule on RNA.

"It's really exciting for me to be involved with projects that have such a great potential to make a real difference for us all."


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