Nexus-IE helps Asymptote meet growing demand for VIA Freeze freezers


Nexus-IE, a manufacturer of specialist medical equipment, has today confirmed that it has built ten VIA Freeze systems for Cambridge-based Asymptote to help the company meet a surge in demand for its unique nitrogen-free controlled rate freezers.


The VIA Freeze range has been specifically designed for the cryopreservation of cells and tissues for use in regenerative medicine research, development and the preservation of cellular therapies to be used when required.

“Nexus-IE has extensive experience in manufacturing specialist equipment for use within the pharmaceutical sector coupled with a flexible business model making it the ideal manufacturing partner for Asymptote.  Their in-house engineers worked efficiently alongside our team to set up production in their premises near Ely before then building the batches of equipment we needed to meet our agreed delivery schedules,” said Dr Chris Creasey, chief scientific officer at Asymptote.

Nexus-IE has manufactured two models in the VIA Freeze range – the Research (shown in the image above) and the Duo – where the assembly task involved bringing together key elements such as the touchscreen user interface, cryo-cooling system, electronics and the mechanical system.  One of the systems was built to order for global pharmaceutical company Merck Millipore with the others being shipped to customers in UK, Europe, North America and the Far East.

“Our flexible ‘manufacturing on demand’ service is ideal for companies such as Asymptote that are selling high value equipment into niche and often very dynamic markets where it can be difficult to predict when orders are likely to come in.  Nexus-IE can help because we are experienced in setting up new production lines, supplementing a client’s existing resource, or providing a complete equipment manufacturing service to ISO accredited standards that includes worldwide installation, after-sales service and support,” said Julie Dean, managing director of Nexus-IE.


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