novahub appointed WiFi provider for Cambridge Folk Festival


Cambridge-based enhanced connectivity solutions provider novahub has been appointed as the WiFi provider for the 2016 Cambridge Folk Festival by organisers Cambridge Live.


Folk Festival free WiFi for 20,000 visitors every day during event

novahub will provide its WiFi service to all festival-goers, concessionaires, performers and staff at the event, who will benefit from unlimited free Internet access throughout the four days of the festival.

This year’s Cambridge Folk Festival is a sell-out, with an expected 20,000 people attending each day.

novahub’s Managing Director Simon Osborne commented: “We’re delighted to be the WiFi provider for this year’s Cambridge Folk Festival.

“The novahub service is provided free of charge to everyone at the festival who wants Internet access. It is designed to deliver a consistent and reliable WiFi experience, whether for 20 or 20,000 people.”

novahub combines great connectivity, excellent business service, and solid customer understanding. The service enables organisations to engage with their user communities to deliver shared benefits and value.

Matt Deacon, Cambridge Live’s Head of Development said: “We’re very pleased to have novahub on board for this year’s Cambridge Folk Festival. WiFi availability is one of those things that people increasingly want and rely on, so we need a solid and reliable partner to deliver it.”

Currently in the first phases of a national roll-out of its technology, novahub plans to deliver better business value, more relevant information and personalised services to people whilst they are on site, at the shops, at an event or anywhere they can reach the novahub.



Novahub provides an ‘enhanced connectivity’ service over WiFi which complements and promotes businesses, enhances their locations, connects and engages end-users, builds customer loyalty, and offers excellent customer experience.

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