AlgoDynamix signs up major Silicon Valley customer

AlgoDynamix today announced acquisition of a major Silicon Valley customer under a Global production SaaS license.


Major licensor for the AlgoDynamix RAP Platform™ Global SaaS product with exotic financial instruments

London and Cambridge (UK) based AlgoDynamix is an innovative risk analytics company that detects disruptive events in global financial markets and anticipates price movements hours or days in advance of the event. The software is used by investment banks and asset managers including hedge funds and family offices. The risk analytics are available via numerous distribution channels including API, email alerts and now via the AlgoDynamix RAP Platform™ which is a comprehensive interface that includes portfolio monitoring, resources/education section and API connectivity.

Its knowledgeable customer had originally attended one of the firm's popular workshops which comes with a seven day software licence included in the price. Having then fully evaluated the software and its capabilities they decided to go ahead with purchasing a full production license.

Dr Jeremy Sosabowski, PhD, CEO of AlgoDynamix said, “The take up at our software workshop on Level 39 was great. The results our trial customers had over the seven days of using the software clearly demonstrated the added value of the AlgoDynamix RAP Platform™.”

The AlgoDynamix RAP Platform™ is available as a SaaS licence and prices start at $3K per month depending on the number of instruments and financial exchanges. The simplest way to receive alerts from the AlgoDynamix RAP Platform™ is to subscribe to the “push” email service. This “push’ email will send you an alert one to two days before a market anomaly occurs. For full technical integration and better product performance a RESTful API interface is available which can be accessed easily using simple JSON scripts.

More information and further results from the AlgoDynamix RAP Platform™ are available in the latest research note:

AlgoDynamix continues to run regular workshops at its Level 39 client solution centre in Canary Wharf, London and online Webinars. Please get in touch  to find out more or visit the website for regular updates.


Raj Sajjan


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