Moving closer towards creating exceptional managers and teams


RiverRhee is preparing to deliver its 10th Introduction to Management course since they first started running it in 2013. Their 60+ alumni, from 20+ organisations, know that RiverRhee is committed to continuous improvement, to ensuring that managers receive the very best guidance to help them and their teams excel in their work.

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You can read more about RIverRhee's goals for excellence, how they are doing, and their forward plans, in their September - October 2016 newsletter

The newsletter also includes extracts from two issues of the Harvard Business Review that support the benefits that RiverRhee focuses on: how to help managers and their teams become more confident and capable in their work.



Creating exceptional managers and teams. Our range of courses, team workshops and coaching for managers, teams and individual contributors will equip you with the capabilities and confidence to be at your best at work.

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