AlgoDynamix launches RAP 2.0 just in time to warn about US Election results

The updated AlgoDynamix RAP 2.0 platform successfully detected anomalies before market moves related to the US election results.

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The updated AlgoDynamix RAP 2.0 platform offered customers anomaly alerts ahead of the US Presidential election 2016 having successfully alerted customers before the drop. The software offers alerts hours or days in advance of major financial events.

“Our software continues to provide customers with advance warning of major down market events, including recent examples such as the EU Referendum (‘Brexit’) and the more recent US election results” said Jeremy Sosabowski, CEO of AlgoDynamix.

The company has also recently revamped its entire product range including improved Web and Excel Add-In functionality and additional financial instruments such as ES (E-Mini S&P Futures) and many more Fixed Income and FX Futures. The optional RESTful APIhas also been upgraded to expose even more insights with regard to crowd clustering densities and more.

AlgoDynamix continues to run regular workshops online and at the Level 39 client solution centre in Canary Wharf, London. The next workshop is being held on November 25th 2016 and includes a 14 day software evaluation licence. Registration details and further information can be found here.

Based in London and Cambridge, AlgoDynamix is is a pioneering portfolio risk analytics company focusing on financially disruptive events. The software products are used by global financial institutions to improve portfolio metrics including lower volatility and higher risk adjusted returns.


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