RiverRhee insights and highlights on management and team development in 2016


RiverRhee has had a very fulfilling and enjoyable year working with managers and teams in 2016, resulting in a "mixed platter" of insights and highlights on management and team development that the team has shared in its November - December 2016 newsletter.

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RiverRhee writes:

The organisations that we’ve worked with have ranged from start-ups to large corporates in the life sciences / biotech, management consulting, government organisations, the legal profession, the automotive industry and others.  We have worked with line and project managers, library / information management and IT professionals, scientists, sales staff, HR and finance directors and more.

We thought it would be fun to celebrate our work with this community by putting together a mixed platter of insights and highlights that our readers might find interesting and helpful to sample!

Here is what our newsletter touches upon:

  1. Listening, communicating, building rapport
  2. Using the GROW coaching model – and variations
  3. One-to-one coaching
  4. Motivation and delegation
  5. Using Belbin and MBTI to build personal and inter-personal understanding
  6. Dealing with difficult situations and managing conflict
  7. Appraisal training
  8. Understanding our relationship with time
  9. Team diagnostics and innovation
  10. Going beyond line manager and team development skills
    1. Lean Sigma – including Green Belt training
    2. Project Management – basic skills
    3. The First Steps in Selling
    4. Managing Change
    5. Good Practices in Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

See RiverRhee's November - December 2016 newsletter to find out more about these topics.

Image: Illustration based on Graham Allcott's 'Productivity Ninja'


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