Brexit boosts translation business

The UK's decision to leave the European Union is having an unexpected effect on business at leading interpreting and translating company One Stop Language Solutions.

Its founder, Luciana Scrofani, says the firm has recently been swamped with requests for translations of official documentation, such as that required by the Home Office for residency applications. "EU citizens who want to apply for UK residency face a considerable amount of bureaucracy and red tape," she explains.

"The Home Office requires a set of documents, such as birth and marriage certificates. The government website says: 'You’ll need to provide a certified translation of any documents that aren’t in English or Welsh,' so we are increasingly being asked to translate a range of materials."

With a base in Cambridge as well as London, One Stop Language Solutions is well placed to assist with applications from the many academics and professionals who have come to the city and now seek to remain here. One Stop offers services in more than 150 languages.

Luciana is a specialist Italian – English interpreter and translator, whose clients over the past two decades have included governments, the G8, UN, NATO, Europol and Interpol.  Her extensive experience in commercially or diplomatically sensitive arenas has made her a trusted partner for a range of high profile figures.

“We have built a strong reputation for accurate, carefully researched, flawless translations, as well as for our friendly, personal and professional approach in providing interpreting services for companies, events, conferences, exhibitions or business meetings," she says.

Part of the company’s appeal is its flexibility – projects are diverse and have involved working for academics,politicians, economists and strategists across Europe and beyond.  One Stop has also worked with experts in subjects ranging from toxicology to medical device manufacturing; biosciences to analytic computing; ophthalmology to defence.

Services include:

  • All types of written translations (websites, promotional material and manuals, legal, financial, marketing and urgent or same day translations)
  • All types of interpreting (Simultaneous, Consecutive, Whispered, Interpret-as-you walk) whatever the format of the meeting or event.
  • Conference and event support (provision of translation booths, sound equipment and event assistance) to suit your business requirements.

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