Inspirational leadership: insight from RiverRhee


RiverRhee Consulting has been doing some background reading preparatory to launching its new course on leadership, as the next step on from its Introduction to Management course for Life Science companies. Claudio Feser’s new book has been giving the team a lot of food for thought.

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The book is based on McKinsey’s practical experience and study of academic literature, and lays a strong emphasis on the qualities and skills of inspirational leadership.

Claudio Feser reassures us by saying that these skills can be learnt: they are a set of behaviours that address people’s “true inner motivators, values and emotions”.  

The basis of this type of leadership is to have a strong focus on the goal to be achieved, to influence people in such a way that they are committed towards a course of action, and to encourage and support them to take ownership for their actions.

These behaviours are also symptomatic of having a strong emotional intelligence, and the ability to clearly articulate the vision or goals for an organisation.

Click on this link to read more about:

  • the importance of neuroscience and personality tools
  • adapting your leadership and influencing styles
  • influencing at an organisational as well as an individual level



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