Can surgical navigation democratize surgery?


Cambridge Consultants recently brought together some of the brightest names and biggest companies in the medical device industry, to explore how surgical navigation can democratize surgery in the future and to envision the surgical navigation ecosystem of 2030.

Breakthrough innovation specialist Cambridge Consultants today launches its latest report, entitled ‘Next-Generation Surgical Navigation: Democratizing Surgery by 2030?’ The report distils the key findings from a workshop held on the future of surgical navigation. That workshop was hosted by Shweta Gupta, Head of Navigation and Visualization at Cambridge Consultants and brought together a group of senior industry insiders, drawn from global blue-chip companies through to dynamic start-ups, with a wide spectrum of backgrounds and expertise, including commercial, clinical, engineering and venture capital. This diverse group ensured a rich and insightful discussion, driven by the sector’s leading authorities.

The report is now available, via:

Surgical navigation technology is intended to safely and precisely localize specific anatomical and pathological structures and delineate a safe path to reach them. Despite the potential benefits of proven and potentially life-saving technology, surgical navigation has not managed to gain widespread adoption in the surgical space outside of neurosurgery.

Why is this? Is it because today’s technology is incapable of meeting the exacting demands of surgical procedures, or are there other barriers to be overcome? Could the navigation systems of the future enable general surgeons to perform more specialized procedures, thereby providing access to high-level care to an ever-increasing patient population? Can surgical navigation enable new procedures or treat new conditions? Will it give rise to new clinical disciplines? These questions are not being asked for the first time, but the answers have remained elusive.

This report shares the key findings from our workshop discussions in order to answer some of these vital questions. The report outlines the benefits that navigation brings to surgery, proposes a vision for 2030 and identifies the challenges involved in delivering this vision. Also captured is Cambridge Consultants’ own experience and the thoughts of our delegates on how technology, innovation and business models have a role to play in delivering the outlined vision.

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