Meeting rooms in need of a revamp?

Do you have meeting room space that isn't being used? Do you have offices in multiple locations? Does your organisation spend too much time and money travelling to and from meetings?

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If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, 1plex can help you save both time and money, making your organisation much more productive.

1plex writes:

We specialise in transforming meeting rooms in to collaborative spaces.

We recognise that the day of the simple meeting room with basic conference call facility is over. The need for fully interactive, collaborative spaces is the future.

As a Microsoft Partner specialising in Unified Communications and Collaboration we can help you with all stages of your journey.

Our full consultancy service will establish the most appropriate solutions for your organisational needs.

Deployment of these solutions and integration with your existing communication and collaboration infrastructure will ensure you meet your business goals.

On-going training and user adoption will ensure that your new solution is used to its maximum capacity by all your workforce.

From small huddle zones for informal ad-hoc brainstorming sessions, to large collaborative spaces fully equipped with the latest video conferencing technologies and collaborative tools, we can design and deliver the best solutions for your business needs.

We appreciate that no two organisations are the same and have very different requirements. We specialise in understanding those requirements and building solutions to suit the individual needs. We have built solutions for customers with a handful of meeting rooms, to large global organisations with offices worldwide.

Installing the right meeting room solution, allows you to communicate and collaborate remotely. There will be no more wasted time and money travelling to and from other locations for meetings, making your workforce and organisation as a whole much more productive. 

Demo Facility

Our demo facility, fully equipped with the latest and greatest solutions and products is now open. Simply contact us to book an appointment.

Alternatively, we can come to you to discuss your requirements and get a full understanding of your organisational needs.

To find out more, please visit our website and contact us:



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