Woodfines offers a Debt Recovery Service

Woodfines is pleased to offer a Debt Recovery Service, in four simple, yet effective steps.

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Step 1.  Letter before action
Step 2. Court proceedings
Step 3. Judgment
Step 4. Enforcing the CCJ

The firm writes:

We have a specifically trained team who will advise you of the best way to approach debt recovery.  We will ensure that the pricing is fixed for undisputed debts, offering a clear, concise and transparent service.  Our aim is to work closely with your company to minimise your debts, and recommend a plan for debt recovery.

Our client Deepdale Trees said:  “The debt recovery services from Woodfines is second to none.  A fast, efficient and very effective service.  They gave good advice as to when to pursue, and when to cut one’s losses”

We are a Legal 500 recognised legal firm, and have vast expertise in the enforcement of Judgments.  If you are interested in using this service, please email us: debtrecovery@woodfines.co.uk or complete the Debt Recovery and Litigation service Instruction Sheet which you will find at the back of our debt recovery proposal 



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