The Particle Metrix ZetaView proves popular with UK universities

2017 looks set to be the year of the ZetaView. According to product specialist Adam Hilless, the instrument is proving popular with universities across the UK. “With exosomes, extracellular vesicles and zeta potential hot topics in research, we have seen strong interest in the ZetaView, exceeding all expectations.”

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Manufactured by Particle Metrix and available from Analytik Ltd, the ZetaView® is a Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) instrument for measuring hydrodynamic particle size, zeta potential and concentration.

What makes the ZetaView stand out? Adam Hilless says it is the greater functionality of Particle Metrix’s solution, in particular the Scanning NTA, which allows researchers to take measurements at 11 different positions across the sample cell and provides more robust statistical data to traditional single-point analysis.

We started distributing the ZetaView at the end of 2016 and the results have been impressive. There seems to be a real appetite amongst researchers for an instrument which offers excellent functionality and usability, particularly amongst the EV community”.

Analytik Managing Director Ian Laidlaw added, “At Analytik we have a strong record working with leading researchers and academic institutions. The enthusiasm with which this device and others are being adopted shows the strength and cutting-edge focus of UK scientific research.”

For further information about the ZetaView, please contact Adam Hilless.


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