Managing complex change: RiverRhee Newsletter, September - October 2017


Whether you are leading a team, or a member of it, change can be difficult to deal with. That can be true of even the smallest changes, let alone some of the more complex ones that many of the organisations in Cambridgeshire will be experiencing as they grow. RiverRhee's latest newsletter shares insights from its upcoming course on Managing Change, and recent publications from the Association of Project Management (APM).

In August, the APM Enabling Change SIG proudly released its first publication “Introduction to Managing Change”.  It was the culmination of the SIG’s first two years of work, and a publication that RiverRhee Owner and Principal Consultant, Elisabeth Goodman, is pleased to be a co-author of.

Autumn’s issue of the APM’s Project magazine also features an interview with Dr John Kotter, one of the gurus on managing change, whose eight-step methodology was outlined in his 1996 publication “Leading Change”.

Managing Change is one of RiverRhee's upcoming one-day courses (on 21st November).

RiverRhee's latest newsletter reflects on the key principles and methodologies for managing complex change from the new APM publication, the Project magazine interview with John Kotter, and its forthcoming training course on Managing Change.

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