The road to autonomous vehicles: report by Canalys, prepared for Arm


Autonomous capabilities will profoundly change the way we use our cars. Increased levels of automation will result in improved safety with fewer accidents, reduced congestion and improved journey times, and will allow passengers to use their commute time more productively.

Andy Moore writes:

The business of selling cars and mobility will change radically too. Automotive OEMs are planning for a future where their business models may have to change, while the newly arrived ride-hailing and car sharing providers are working out how to remove human drivers, to provide fully automated robotaxis to address people’s transport needs.

But what is the path to this autonomous future?

To help answer this question, Arm has commissioned market analyst firm Canalys to conduct research and prepare a report to shed light on “The road to autonomous vehicles”.

The report details:

  • The current state of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) available from the automotive OEMs and their likely plans to reach higher levels of autonomy.
  • A round up of industry activities around the development of robotaxis, which will probably provide most people with their first experiences of autonomous cars.
  • The autonomous driving platforms in development which will provide many OEMs with a path to autonomous driving.
  • An overview of the legislation efforts around the world to enable autonomous cars to take to the road, both for testing and deployment.

Autonomous driving is one of the most exciting applications of computing currently in development. The Arm architecture and our ecosystem of partners can address any compute application for the whole car, including ADAS and autonomy. For further information visit, the Arm website, and also visit our new Arm Automotive Developer Community to discover the breadth of our ecosystem.

Download “The road to autonomous vehicles” report by Canalys

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