Events offer insight into energy storage, electric vehicles and off grid


Next month, IDTechEx analysts host a series of six half-day forums in Cambridge to provide critical business intelligence on the topics of Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles and Off Grid. Register today to save 10%.

Raghu Das, CEO, says: "These sessions will cover detailed market forecasts, technology assessments, case studies, the key players, the value chain and unmet opportunities for these emerging technologies.

"Register today (Friday May 11) to save 10% on these time efficient, detailed, yet concise sessions hosted by experts, held on 19, 20 and 21 June."

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The following topics are covered in half day sessions over the course of the three days:

Forum 1 - Li-ion Batteries: Raw Materials, Gigafactories, and Emerging Markets
Forum 2 - Batteries Beyond Li-ion & Supercapacitors: New Materials, New Applications
Forum 3 - Electric Vehicles: Markets, Trends, and Opportunities in Land, Sea, & Air
Forum 4 - Electric Vehicles: New Materials & Component Opportunities
Forum 5 - Off Grid Electricity Generation Needs, Systems and Markets
Forum 6 - New Off Grid Energy Harvesting Technologies


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