AMS Technologies introduces development kit for adjustable liquid cooling up to 1.6 kW

AMS Technologies introduces a very compact and low-vibration solution for liquid cooling that can be modulated within a wide range. The mLC-KIT 1600 with dimensions of a typical 19-inch rackmount case is the latest addition to the Mini Liquid Cooling Kit series with a model that provides up to 1.6 kW cooling capacity.

The mLC-KIT 1600 development kit is based on two linear compressors featuring high efficiency, continuous, oil-free operation with very low-vibration, quiet operation and the possibility to modulate the cooling power from almost zero up to the maximum value of about 1.6 kW*. This modulation is realized by varying the linear motor’s stroke at a fixed frequency, which avoids vibration and noise issues due to resonant oscillations often associated with rotary speed controlled compressors.

With its compact setup (440 mm x 184 mm x 365 mm), the development kit is ideally suited as a cooling device for custom-specific liquid coolant circuits and can be easily integrated into 19-inch racks.  The interface to the customer’s application comprises two R 3/8” connectors at the brazed plate heat exchanger and a digital frequency signal (5 V square wave signal with 20 Hz to 200 Hz) for cooling capacity control.

Operating from a 230 V AC supply, the power consumption of the mLC-KIT 1600 ranges between 20 W and 440 W – depending on the cooling power – with an operating noise of 38 dBA (without fans). Recommended flow rate on the liquid coolant side is 2 l to 8 l per minute.

If a customer’s requirements should not be covered by the “Mini Liquid Cooling Kit mLC-KIT 1600”, AMS Technologies’ thermal management experts are happy to come up with a fully customized solution offering full service from design all the way to serial production.

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