RiverRhee launches alternatives for developing your supervisors, team leaders and managers


RiverRhee’s flagship Introduction to Management course traditionally runs over three consecutive days. A number of clients have asked if the format and content could be adapted to better fit with their schedules and ways of working. Starting 6th September 2018, a one-day Supervisors' , two-day Line Managers', and a more spread-out three day Introduction to Management will be added as alternatives to our existing courses.

Exceptional managers balance the need to get the job done, with an understanding of the individuals that report to them, and the appropriate level of direction and support to achieve a high performance team.

Our 3-day off-site Introduction to Management course and our one-to-one coaching are geared towards those who are new to management, and those who are looking for formal training. 

From September 2018, RiverRhee will be providing alternatives to our flagship 3-day Introduction to Management course:

  • Client organisations choosing to run the 3-day course in-house will be able to spread it over a longer period of time such as 1 day a week over 3 weeks, or 1 day a month over 3 months.
  • We will be scheduling 2-day Line Managers' courses in 2019 for those who have a more supervisory role, just managing one or two people.  It will focus on just the individual and task components of John Adair's Action-Centred Leadership model.
  • Our 1-day Supervisors' course will be for those who really only want one day, and it will include the six most popular topics for supervisors.  We will be running the first one of these in September 2018.

And we will continue to run the original 3-day Introduction to Management course.

Tailored versions of all of our management courses can be arranged for you in-house.

Our other courses for managers include:

The interactive format combines short presentations to introduce key concepts, tools and examples, with plenty of discussion and exercises.  

Above all, we provide delegates with an opportunity to reflect on how they are approaching their roles, to learn from each other, and to practice strategies that will enable them to not only be good, but exceptional supervisors and managers.

For more information about our range of courses and workshops, and how we can tailor them to your requirements, see the full list of training available from RiverRhee Consulting.

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