CIIPM 2018: A meeting of minds

IP and Information are vital for effective innovation, licensing and valuation.

Jane List writes:

Wednesday 11 July saw the third annual Cambridge Information and Intellectual Property Meeting (CIIPM) take place at Homerton College Conference Centre.  CIIPM exists to offer a space for knowledge sharing and networking to Information and IP professionals and is kindly supported by the UK IPO.  This year’s themes were Innovation, Licensing, and Valuation and over the course of the day around 50 attendees engaged in lively discussions on these topics.

What makes CIIPM unique is the interactions between players from the IP legal services, technology companies, information providers and patent information professionals, and this year was no different.  In all 50 people from across these industries gathered for lunch, an exhibition and the main afternoon meeting of talks on the three 2018 themes of ‘Innovation, Licensing and Valuation’ were presented.  Perspectives on IP valuation from Roya Ghafele, Oxfirst, and Rasmus Bogetoft, Presner IP opened the meeting, which was concluded by Lawrence Bickers, Coller IP on the same subject.  Paul Storer presented for the UK IPO offering advice on how to obtain and maintain IP rights as well as services the UK IPO provides for businesses.  How to use patents to obtain business intelligence was the theme of a talk from Rebecca Davies of Marks & Clerk. 

Given the wide variety of topics and breadth of professional focusses present at CIIPM 2018, it is particularly encouraging that the discussion highlighted some clear commonly held views.  Firstly that the importance of putting a value on your company’s intangible assets (including IP) cannot be over-estimated; for SMEs today intangible assets may contribute up around 80% of their potential value.  And secondly, how we measure that value and communicate it to those outside the IP industry is equally important.  A range of valuation techniques were presented and discussed all of which could be vital for companies both for investment purposes and if they should be unfortunate to become involved in an IP infringement case.  As ever communication is key, and the true value of an organisation’s IP needs to be communicated effectively.

CIIPM was expanded this year with two morning workshops on next generation search technology from Deep Search 9 and CFL Software. More than 20 people had the chance to try out the new technology which has a lot to offer professional patent information analysis and those needing competitive intelligence. Deep Search 9 introduced their web tracking technology and CFL Software presented their Patent Reader.  Also new this year was the poster competition.  CIIPM invited two postgraduate students to present their current research at the meeting.  This went down very well from both sides.  Research was presented by Giuseppina Coniglione, QMUL, and Berk Dogan, Cambridge University, IfM.  The CIIPM meeting can only take place with the support of its’ exhibitors who this year were RWS, Coller IP, deep SEARCH 9, EBSCO, FIZ Karlsruhe, Minesoft, and Questel.  

CIIPM is organised by Jane List, Extract Information and Stuart Newbold, PS and IM.  CIIPM also offers training courses in patent information and search, IP and Commercialisation each October and March. Find out more about CIIPM at and for more information contact

 Here’s what people said about the meeting:

“This was extremely well prepared, an excellent setting and professionally executed!”
“Thanks again. It has been a great opportunity and big pleasure to present my work.”

Photo Credit:  Phil List

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