Helping people live well with hearing loss

Eastern Academic Health Science Network is supporting a community project offering free advice and support to people in Cambridge with hearing loss concerns or diagnosis.

Imagine crossing the road and not being able to hear a car coming towards you or boarding the wrong train because you misheard the tannoy announcement.  These are the issues that people with hearing loss deal with on a day-to-day basis, which can lead to loss of confidence and social exclusion.

To offer support, local charity Cambridgeshire Hearing Help are holding free workshops on Living Well with Hearing Loss, the first of which is taking place on Saturday, 11 August from 9.30am to 12 noon, in Cambridge. The workshop is supported by the Audiology department at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and funded by the Eastern Academic Health Science Network and Cambridge Hearing Trust.

Amanda Morgan, Director of Cambridgeshire Hearing Help invites you to attend: “The workshop is aimed at people who might not feel they are ready for a hearing aid yet, but may have some concerns around hearing loss. After the workshop they will know where to go for support, the range of products available and how to use them effectively.”

“We are also encouraging partners, family members or carers to come along to understand how to communicate and support their loved ones by being involved in the process. People who get help earlier are able to manage hearing loss better for longer.”

A participant from the first workshop said: “I wish I’d had someone to help and support me when I first got my hearing aids. Going out into the street was so loud and the noise was deafening and it really put me off using my hearing aids. Having been to the course today I am going to go back to the audiologist and try again to get the right solution for me.”

The half day workshop will provide information about hearing loss, hearing aids and other options such as TV listeners and lip-reading support, with an opportunity to discuss challenging situations and solutions to cope. The facilitators have personal experience of hearing loss and will share their insights on how to live well with this condition.

Places are limited for the workshop, so book soon to attend. You can register your interest online or call: 01223 849798. For further information visit the Cambridgeshire Hearing Help website:

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