Embrava announces exciting new products

1plex Ltd is excited to introduce the newest member of the Blynclight family – Nameplate.

The Nameplate is the ideal call-centre and helpdesk solution. It can show the agent's personal call statistics, such as active calls, calls on hold etc.

Dynamic Name Display

The Nameplate integrates with Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber to automatically display a workers name and availability to surrounding colleagues.

Personal Wallboard

The Personal Wallboard for Cisco Finesse and Genesys PureCloud can be fully customized to display any Agent, Queue or Team statistics exposed by the contact centre platform.

Desk Booking Sensor*

The Nameplate is an occupancy sensor that can detect which user has arrived at what desk and provide that information to any desk scheduling platform or datastore. Nameplate Blynclight

*Requires Feature Licence

Find out more about the Nameplate on the Tech4teams website:  tech4teams.co.uk/products/blynclight-nameplate


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