Novahub provides WiFi solutions for Defence Vehicle Dynamics 2018


Having recently delivered its enhanced WiFi connectivity solutions to the Low Carbon Vehicle event at Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedford, Novahub will return to the Proving Ground to provide its WiFi service at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) event this week (19-20 September 2018).

DVD, which is a biennial Defence industry exhibition, enables focused engagement between Defence industry, DE&S Delivery Teams, Army HQ staff and other Defence community users of Land Equipment.

Open to authorised visitors only, the event organisers will deliver a range of presentations.

A key goal for the event is for exhibiting organisations to share their experiences and innovative ideas through the demonstration of equipment and solutions that have been developed to meet existing and future requirements.

Novahub’s WiFi technology will ensure that both exhibitors and visitors have access to high capacity internet access both indoors and outdoors throughout the event area.

Novahub event WiFi solutions for DVD2018

Novahub has vast experience in delivering event WiFi solutions as they are the official provider of enterprise Wi-Fi capability throughout Millbrook’s main event venue.

During the summer of 2018, Novahub provided WiFi for the Cambridge Folk Festival and Big Weekend events as Cambridge Live’s official WiFi provider, including specialist event content via the Novahub app which kept visitors updated on what was happening, when and where.

For the DVD2018 event, Novahub will provide exhibitors with the platform to share information with visitors, connect key exhibit areas such as the external Steering Pad and the Off Road Area as well as extend WiFi connectivity through all the outdoor events enabling them to operate smoothly during the two-day event.

Novahub’s 5GHz point-to-multi-point connections will boost the existing WiFi provision and deliver reliable WiFi service for all visitors and exhibitors. To ensure demand is met, exhibitor generators will be used to provide power to the outdoor nodes.

Novahub’s track record

Last week Novahub’s WiFi ensured hundreds of visitors to the LCV2018 event benefited from fast, reliable internet access. The system supported over 1200 simultaneous users to be connected. For example, users could make full, uninterrupted, video Skype calls during busiest times whilst roaming across the complete indoor and outdoor event areas.


Novahub provides an ‘enhanced connectivity’ service over WiFi which complements and promotes businesses, enhances their locations, connects and engages end-users, builds customer loyalty, and offers excellent customer experience.

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