Redgate Software chooses Brisbane over Sydney for new Australia base


Brisbane’s ongoing investment in digital innovation was endorsed with the announcement that the world’s leading Microsoft SQL Server tools vendor, Redgate Software, has opted to open its new Australia base in the city.

Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, Redgate already has two offices in the US and a worldwide roster of IT consultant partners who support the 100,000 companies that use its software. Redgate’s portfolio of SQL Server tools enables companies to develop and maintain their databases faster, easier and safer, and include the database in advanced software development practices, often referred to as DevOps.

The decision to establish a presence in the region was made because 4,000 companies in Australia and New Zealand already use Redgate’s software, including many of the leading names in the banking, healthcare and government sectors.

The growth in the size and complexity of databases, alongside increasing concerns about the privacy and safety of the personal data they contain, means those companies often need on-the-ground advice and support to help them make the most of their investment.

The new office in Australia will provide that, as well as give Redgate the opportunity to host and attend events, give hands-on demonstrations of its advanced software, and be the first port of call for customer enquiries.

The initial reason for considering Brisbane was that a number of Redgate’s partners are already based there, as well as a sister company, Octopus Deploy, all of whom had spoken of the city’s booming and friendly ecosystem for tech companies.

Their comments were more than justified when Cassi Roper, Redgate’s Regional Sales Director, visited. “From the moment we arrived, the Queensland Trade and Investment Commissioner and Brisbane City Council couldn’t have been more helpful,” she comments. “What really impressed us was their enthusiasm for tech companies, their investment in innovation hubs like The Capital and The Precinct, and their commitment to creating a vibrant and collaborative digital culture.”

Brisbane is one of only two cities in the world to appoint a Chief Digital Officer and, since 2013, has been on a mission to use digital transformation to accelerate economic growth and ensure residents and businesses are equipped to participate in the global digital economy.

More than 1,200 small businesses have been encouraged to use digital technologies in a series of workshops, for example, while over 3,500 children have been taught to code through CoderDojo programs. Thousands of aspiring and established tech companies have also been given the space to network, collaborate and grow, and 75 early-stage entrepreneurs have been given grants to convert viable ideas into businesses. As a result, Brisbane’s economy is forecast to grow from AU$135 billion (US$96 billion) in 2013 to more than AU$217 (US$155) billion by 2031.

As Cat Matson, Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer, concludes: “People don’t quite realise Brisbane’s full potential until they visit and see how much of a different city it is. I think that’s no more evident than in the technology sector where we’re really punching above our weight. We plan to stay firmly planted as a digital powerhouse and welcome a lot more companies like Redgate.”

To introduce itself to the local business community, Redgate Software Australia is hosting a lunchtime workshop at The Capital in Brisbane, on Tuesday, 27 November. The event will feature industry experts demonstrating how companies can benefit from taking a DevOps approach to database development, and give attendees the opportunity to network with like-minded data professionals.

More information can be found on the Eventbrite website here

Image: Redgate Brisbane Team


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