Speedwell celebrates 30 years of world-class exam software


Founded in 1988, Speedwell Software has been developing and innovating exam software for over 30 years. The company is proud that its knowledge and expertise continues to help customers deliver world-class examinations.

Our success relies on the understanding and identification of our customer’s needs and our commitment to ongoing product evolution

Speedwell Software writes:

Speedwell Software was founded in 1988,  and we quickly established ourselves as an innovation focused, PC-based ‘in-house’ solution using OMR scanning and sheets for clients and examination boards needing automated data capture.

The system was a success and soon led to rapid expansion, with our software being adopted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, the Royal Medical Colleges, Medical Schools and other Professional Bodies.

Fast forward to 2018 and Speedwell exam software is used by over 72% of British and Irish Medical Schools and we are proud that worldwide our software powers over 2 million exams taken each year.

The growing trend for e-learning and online solutions and the ‘coming of age’ of a digital generation has seen increased demand for online exam solutions.

Recognising this in 2015 we launched our eSystem software – allowing our customers to either run online exams or continue to run their paper-based exams with all the benefits of an online exam management system or a combination of both.

With eSystem it’s possible to create, administer, analyse and report on exams in one easy-to-use integrated assessment system. It’s powerful question bank not only allows questions to be stored in one place, but also provides insights into question performance.  The blueprinting tool makes it possible to see - at a glance - any gaps in an assessment, for example to check that learning outcomes or syllabus areas are covered.

The eSystem’s statistical analysis tools allow reports to be generated quickly and easily and provide valuable data to inform and improve future assessments. It’s flexible offering a variety of question formats such as MCQ (EMQ, SBA) SAQ, MMI, Essay, OSCPE and OSCE.

In addition to the online delivery options, it works seamlessly with our software designed for MCQ paper exams and OMR Scanners. Ideal for those wanting the flexibility to continue to run paper-based exams, but still want the benefits of streamlining exam management processes. Plus, the transition to online exams in the future will be possible.

After helping us test the software in 2014 the prestigious McGill University Faculty of Medicine were among the first adopters of the eSystem and since then many other happy customers have followed suit, as our case studies of UCL Medical School, The Royal (Dick) School of veterinary studies, Plymouth University School of Medicine and Dentistry and testimonials show.

But the story doesn’t end there - we’re continuing to invest in the eSystem and recent developments include adding an EMQ question format for online exam delivery and adding a full audit trail to the offline OSCE Apps.

We’re excited for what’s next; We’ll be adding some more OSCE features and by working with and listening to our customer’s needs we‘ll further develop the eSystem. We’re confident that we can help our customers continue to deliver world class examinations in the future.

So, all that’s left to be said is THANK YOU to all those who have supported us over the last 30 years and we’re very much looking forward to working with you for the next 30 years!

If you are interested in finding out more about our eSystem and any of its features, would like to arrange a demo, or are an existing Speedwell customer looking to upgrade (we have some great deals at the moment) please contact our sales team on +44 (0) 1223 851703 or email info@speedwellsoftware.com


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