Linde Healthcare partners with Nexus IE for smart medical cylinder monitoring


Nexus Intelligent Engineering (Nexus IE) has played a pivotal role in helping Linde Healthcare – a globally leading healthcare company – to fast track the development and market launch of INETIQ®, a unique IoT platform that allows hospitals to more easily and efficiently manage their inventory of medical oxygen cylinders.

Nexus IE’s role has included: manufacturing initial batches of prototype INETIQ smart hubs for use in US field trials; working with Linde Healthcare to further improve and optimise its hub design; and to continue manufacturing batches of the innovative new smart hub following its successful launch into US and EMEA markets.  The work is part of an ongoing partnership between Linde Healthcare and Nexus IE that started almost five years ago and now encompasses several different product areas and Linde groups.

The INETIQ smart hub is a central component within Linde Healthcare’s web-enabled monitoring and management system for its LIV ® IQ digital cylinders: a completely new generation of smart oxygen cylinders with ‘industry first’ communications capabilities, a digital display and advanced features to improve patient safety.  The hub has been specifically designed to wirelessly transfer data on the location, content and status of multiple LIV IQ cylinders within its vicinity and to store the data in the cloud.  The near real-time data can then be displayed on a dashboard app on any web-enabled device to avoid the need for staff to physically check each cylinder and to minimise the amount of unused or wasted oxygen purchased by the hospital.

Mandip Thind, senior product innovation manager at Linde Healthcare said: “Nexus IE is the ideal UK-based manufacturing partner for Linde Healthcare and has been instrumental in helping us to develop and launch INETIQ, as well as supporting us on other key products.

“The company’s team of manufacturing engineers have helped us to solve specific engineering challenges, to improve our designs, and to enable us to get products into the hands of our customers far faster than if we had opted to work with a Far East manufacturer or attempted to customise an off-the-shelf product for our specific application.”

Nexus IE specialises in building small batches of complex electromechanical products to pharmaceutical industry standards and is particularly skilled in supporting companies when they are gearing up for field trials or developing their plans for small-scale production.

LIV ® and INETIQ ® are EU-registered trademarks of The Linde Group.  Trademark registrations and their status may differ from one location to another.

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