Groundbreaking AlgoDynamix risk analytics continuously outperforms the US stock market

The latest AlgoDynamix white paper with detailed client case study reveals how to get the inside track with the ALDX PI™ risk forecasting equities product.

Full details will be given in the upcoming webinar tomorrow (Thursday 7th March, 2019 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM GMT) which features a live appearance from long-standing US customer, Dr Ronjon Nag. A highly experienced multi-asset manager, Dr Nag gives a first hand account of how these analytics provide an antidote to all possible market conditions.

Ongoing challenging times in the US (and global) stock markets continue to cause major investor havoc; this is in addition to an already abysmal 2018 and ongoing global uncertainties as already reported by AlgoDynamix back in Nov. 2018. In the upcoming white paper and webinar, AlgoDynamix reveals how its analytics have enabled investors and multi-asset managers to defy the trend and outperform the market both in absolute and risk adjusted returns. The highly anticipated webinar and accompanying white paper reveal how the technology works in practice focusing on a case study with Dr Ronjon Nag, a multi-asset manager trading government and corporate debt as well as systematic and discretionary equity funds.

Dubbed the father of AI by Fortune magazine and inventor of numerous text and speech recognition systems, Dr Ronjon Nag understands better than most the potential of AI technology. The webinar will feature live examples of guest-speaker Dr Nag’s trading strategies showing how the directional Flags provided by ALDX PI™ were invaluable in executing his highly successful trading strategy during these difficult market conditions.

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