Chancellor late with his homework?

Stuart Wilkinson, EY’s Head of Tax in the East, comments on the contents of today’s Spring Statement:

“Ahead of any fiscal event, the Treasury officials put forward ‘starters’ and then work to develop them for inclusion in the Budget or Spring Statement. But this time, it looks like few have been ready in time. Some of this might well be the intent of keeping the Spring Statement light of content, but today’s written ministerial statement looked more like the Chancellor was apologising for being late with his homework.

“Instead of seeing lots of consultation documents, we saw the publication of only four publications, and were given promises of 16 more policy documents, and six other reports on comments received from past consultations. So we can expect this to come out between now and Legislation Day in July.

“Anyone would think that Treasury, Revenue & Customs had their attention diverted to other tasks.”

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