Consecutive interpreting puts Luciana on stage at major conference

Experienced English-Italian interpreter, Luciana Scrofani, founder and CEO of One Stop Language Solutions, provided consecutive interpreting for the Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, at The Economist Sustainability Summit 2019 in London last week.

She writes:

Consecutive interpreting is the ‘listen, pause, talk’ approach, where the interpreter appears with the speaker on the platform. (I also enjoy simultaneous interpreting, the kind you see at United Nations’ conferences, where the interpreters sit in a booth and the delegates hear continuous translation through headsets).
Consecutive interpreting is better for an interactive debate. Knowing the Mayor’s talk would be followed by a Q&A with the audience of business leaders, I did my homework beforehand in case some of the more technical sustainability terms and acronyms came up. I was pleased I did, as Mayor Brugnaro spoke in detail on the new waste recycling system in Venice and the eco-friendly vaporettos.
My client was also very pleased with how the Q&A went, and gave me some lovely feedback: " Q&A with an interpreter is never particularly easy but I thought you made it look as effortless as possible... it would be such a shame to miss out on these important perspectives if we didn't have people like yourself to interpret."
Another key part of consecutive interpreting is that I need to have strong public speaking skills, look confident on stage, and even mirror the speaker’s delivery style when possible. Mayor Brugnaro is a man of natural flair and charisma, and I did my best to convey his passion for Venice and his sense of humour. His joke that the seagulls are now going hungry because of the better waste management in Venice got a lot of laughs, so I think I succeeded! This must be what they mean when they talk about sustainability ‘trade-offs’!
Has your company taken any steps toward becoming more sustainable?


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