Contract research

Project consulting

Cresset can contribute to your projects at various stages and to the degree that suits your needs. We can run whole lead discovery and optimization projects or just help you overcome obstacles in your path. We have successfully concluded many contract research and scientific consulting projects with our customers, many of whom have come back time and time again for additional services. Because Cresset’s technology can work with or without a structure of the target protein it can be used on the widest range of target classes. To discuss how we can help with your project, please contact us.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If your team has plenty of chemistry expertise but not the technology, we can help bridge the gap by renting Blaze software to you through a secure cloud-based portal. You’ll have access to one of the most powerful screening technologies in the world, but you’ll only pay for what you need, and because we rent Blaze to you on a per-project basis you have the flexibility to complete your project in a timeline that works for you. Contact us to learn more about Software as a Service.

CompChem on Demand

Cresset’s computational chemistry experts can be hired on a daily basis to work for you as needed. Simply purchase the number of days you need and then call us to work for you anytime within the next year. This is a flexible way to gain Cresset’s expertise and complete difficult projects while ensuring a high value result for your company.

The Cresset experts have a wide variety of skills including:

  • Scaffold hopping.
  • Library design.
  • Ligand based virtual screening.
  • Fragment replacement.
  • Fragment growth.
  • SAR analysis including 3D QSAR using fields.
  • Patent analysis.
  • Lead optimization.
  • And much more.

Contact us for more details about CompChem on Demand.

Computational solutions for drug discovery