Project Odyssey: The Red Gate Gauntlet

What's it all about? Well, the Centre is hoping to raise £110,000 to complete the refurbishment of its main gallery and create a new core exhibition – Tech Odyssey: a learning adventure – which will chart the global impact of the computing revolution.

Curator, Jason Fitzpatrick, explains: “In its present condition this building fails to do justice to the richness and variety of our collection. Although visitors can see, touch and use many of the ‘superstar’ machines of the 70s, 80s and 90s, we lack the funds needed to create an exhibition that charts how each of these computers represents a step towards the small, powerful, multi-purpose devices most of us use today.

 “Refurbishment of the gallery and creation of a new exhibition, Odyssey, will help us tell the inspirational and epic story of the computing revolution to anyone – young and old, techie and non-geek alike.”

“We are hugely grateful to Simon Galbraith for this very generous commitment. Redgate Software has presented us with a wonderful opportunity; it’s also a big, big challenge. We are very conscious that the clock is ticking…”

Since opening its doors in Cambridge at the end of 2013, the Centre has attracted over 5,000 children. On average, it is visited by one school a week and that number is growing.

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*An oversized mock-up Gauntlet game box.

The Centre for Computing History was established to create a permanent public exhibition that tells the story of the Information Age.