GRANTA MI materials information management

GRANTA MI is the leading system for materials information management in engineering enterprises.

Capture, control, analyze, and apply critical data relating to materials (metals, plastics, composites, ceramics) in the engineering process.

Developed and proven in collaboration with top industrial engineering organizations, GRANTA MI lets you improve quality, save time, and reduce risk.

GRANTA MI creates a single corporate materials database that can combine and enrich data from
in-house testing and design, proprietary sources, and external references. Materials experts use GRANTA MI to manage, analyze, certify, and maintain this data, publishing it in a secure and controlled manner. Engineers and other professionals can then access and apply this information within their routine workflows, assured that it is relevant, traceable, and the best available. Key applications include:

  • Capture, processing, statistical analysis of test data, and enabling use of appropriately qualified data in design
  • Easy access to valuable materials property reference data
  • Support for materials selection and cost optimization decisions - ensuring a consistent, systematic approach, enterprise wide
  • Managing information about restricted substances and eco properties and enabling eco design

Granta helps engineering enterprises to manage and apply vital information about engineering materials. We enable smart decisions on the use of these materials in product development.