AMS Technologies excels by providing solutions that match products from different sources as well as supporting the design of products tailored specifically to customer requirements. From active components (light sources and spectrometers) to passive components (detectors, fibers, optics and optomechanics), with or without non-optical accessories: our technology experts select the optical devices best suited to your application or define the required specifications for the development of a new product. If no single manufacturer can provide the know-how you need across all markets, go instead for the complete overview – supported by AMS Technologies.

Thanks to the synergies with our other business lines, we realise complete solutions that include cooling solutions and driver/controller units for your light sources. Moreover, the cooperation with leading subcontractors in the optics markets enables us to provide fully-integrated modules and assemblies for customers without the need to rely on standard production lines.

AMS Technologies is Europe’s leading solution provider and distributor for Optical, Power and Thermal Management Technologies.