Bespoke automation for the lab, process development and manufacturing

We have the expertise and experience to analyse, design and
implement an industrial automation or laboratory automation solution.
We do this across all industry sectors, using diverse technologies, including vision systems, robotics and accurate product placement systems for a range of clients.

GB Innomech is recognised as one of the UK’s leading Laboratory Automation, Industrial Automation and Manufacturing Automation specialists, applying their skills to both new, early stage businesses as well as some of the established FTSE 100 companies.

Established since 1990 and based within the Cambridge technology cluster we work with companies worldwide to reduce cost and improve the quality of their products through automation. We work from providing feasibility studies to providing fully validated solutions. Size is not important; but we take great pride in our ability to establish strong long term relationships at both the organisational and individual levels. A strength, which often separates us from others, is that we can always make what we propose and design!

Some of our customers have asked us to build repeats of their products. In addition to our Design and Development solutions we provide a Repeat Build service for products which we can, if you require, install, train and service throughout the world.

Our risk based approach, where we undertake risk assessments throughout the project, and where we solve the ‘real’ problems, which are often different to those first perceived, has led to a strong reputation for providing innovative solutions within regulated environments. However we apply this approach to all of our work and have delivered successful projects within the following sectors:
• Pharmaceutical
• Medical Devices
• Laboratory Automation
• General Engineering
• Automotive
• Aerospace



Experts in applying advanced automation to solve manufacturing and inspection problems; from feasibility studies to fully validated solutions.