Embedded Software and Hardware Design, Product Development

•Ethernet / IP Networking;
•High-speed digital hardware design;
•Freescale and ARM microprocessor designs;
•FPGA design;
•Embedded software, especially Linux O/S
•Board support and bring-up
•Product Design Verification Testing
•Project Management of Regulatory Approvals
•Introduction into volume manufacturing with selected CEMs

Xentech Solutions Limited is an independent electronic product development consultancy based in Hertfordshire, UK specialising in the design and development of high-speed embedded systems for telecommunications, computing and instrumentation markets.

Building on world class experience, the team can seamlessly integrate with internal design engineers to complement existing skills, allowing internal resource to focus on developing new revenue generating ideas. Core strengths include:
• Ethernet / IP Networking, both wired and wireless;
• High-speed digital hardware design;
• Freescale and ARM based microprocessor designs;
• FPGA design;
• Embedded software (Linux)
• Board support and bring-up
• Product Design Verification Testing
• Project Management of Regulatory Approvals
• Introduction into volume manufacturing with selected CEMs

Xentech Solutions prides itself at being flexible and can do as much or as little as is required to suit the client’s needs, from concept studies, through design, testing, regulatory approvals and introduction into volume manufacturing.


Xentech Solutions is an electronics design consultancy specialising in design and development of high-speed digital systems for telecommunications, Ethernet networking, computing and instrumentation markets.