SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync®

An integrated, turn-key hardware solution, it combines SMART’s industry leading interactive displays with Microsoft Lync to enable rich audio, video and data collaboration. This helps engage every meeting participant by enabling them to contribute ideas in more creative ways and provides them with a more inspired way to collaborate.

Leveraging Microsoft Lync srs_1

Enhance your investment in Microsoft Lync by expanding it into the meeting room. You won’t need to invest in conflicting infrastructure and your users will be able to work within a familiar user interface. And with three different sizes available, you can tailor your solution to each room.

More effective collaboration

Evolve from traditional video conferencing to fully immersive collaborative meetings by enabling comprehensive data interaction. Participants can be seen and heard, but are also able interact with the content being discussed. This ensures that they stay engaged and are able to fully contribute to the conversation.

Intuitive interaction

The familiar, inviting design of SMART’s interactive displays encourages use by making interaction with digital content a natural experience. You can use your finger to interact with content, pick up a pen and write over it in your choice of colour and use your palm to erase.


An integrated solution – all of the room components are designed to work together which simplifies installation, support and ensures the components function as a single system.

* Systems designed for any room: six system sizes (see below) for rooms designed for 2 to 16 people and ranging from 100 to 300 square feet.
* Proximity detection: the SMART display will automatically turn on when it detects motion in the room, saving energy costs when not in use.
* Wide angle camera: 109 degree field of view allowing remote users to see the entire room without the need for pan/tilt/zoom functionality.
* Object awareness: the SMART display automatically detects a finger or a pen and allows users to erase ink with their palm.
* Administrative console: the large 11″ room control console lets users change the screen layout, display presentation content and email notes at the end of the meeting.
* Microsoft Lync interface: users who know Microsoft Lync will find it easy and intuitive to use the SMART Room System.
* Support for scheduled or ad hoc meetings: supports the ability to start ad hoc whiteboarding sessions or to set up scheduled meetings. Either meeting starts with just the touch of a button.

Find out more by downloading the SMART SRS Factsheet.

Six Sizes: Choose the system that will provide the best experience for each of your meeting rooms
SRS 55SMART Room System – Extra Small (1 x 55″ Display) – £12,749.00

SRS 70SMART Room System – Small (1 x 70″ Display) – £14,749.00

SRS 84SMART Room System - Madium (1 x 84″ Display) – £18,249.00

SRS Dual 55SMART Room System - Medium Dual (2 x 55″ Display) – £18,249.00

SRS Dual 70SMART Room System - Large (2 x 70″ Display) – £21,749.00

SRS Dual 84SMART Room System – Extra Large (2 x 84″ Display) – £28,249.00

The SMART Room System is available for demo, simply Contact Us to book an appointment. If you have any other queries or would like to place an order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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