Management Development for Employee Engagement: Open Courses and In-House Training

The most important factor in employee engagement is the relationship between the employee and their manager. If your business promotes the best technicians into management positions without providing any training in people skills then you are likely to have disengaged employees.

Your People Potential runs a series of workshops for managers to ensure that your people managers have the right soft-skills to manage people effectively (which are actually hard skills to master).

The programme is delivered over 12 half-day workshops. Training is aimed at managers without formal management development training. These workshops are based on the competencies needed to enhance employee engagement.

Training objectives:

At the end of the series of workshops your managers will:

  • Have an open, fair and consistent approach to management
  • Be able to manage themselves and their own emotions effectively
  • Handle conflict and problems as they arise
  • Have the ability to communicate well at all levels of the business
  • Manage with empathy and consideration
  • Understand others and be able to build trust and respect within the team
  • Support and encourage employee development

Managers are expected to apply their learning into the workplace between workshops and be prepared to share their experiences with others to help hone and refine their skills.

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