Management Development Programme

We specialise in areas such as managing performance, motivating to increase productivity and reducing conflict. Our objective is to build better teams to grow your business. Programmes include development  for existing line managers and a separate programme to prepare newly promoted managers for the challenges they may face.

Training is aimed at managers without formal management development training. 

  • Communication: Become an attentive listener to build rapport and respect with team members
  • Delegation: Models for improving time management, increasing productivity and reducing operational workload
  • Performance management: Under-performance and team shortfalls – how to recognise and give feedback
  • Stress & mental health: Recognise signs of stress and poor mental health, manage stress and confidently initiate wellbeing conversations
  • Problem solving/decision making: Find a solutions-focused management style and increase consultation in decision-making
  • Coaching skills: How to coach and grow your team, increase delegation and boost facilitation of change
  • Conflict management: Conflict resolution skills to improve team communications and reduce staff turnover

Also included in the training programme are modules on orientation & goal setting; motivation; recruitment & selection; change management; emotional intelligence.

Managers are expected to apply their learning into the workplace between workshops and be prepared to share their experiences with others to help hone and refine their skills.

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