Management Training

Companies are only as good as the people they employ. Managers especially have a huge influence on any organisation.  Effective managers have the power to motivate, direct and encourage. This is why investment in management training and development is essential for companies to be competitive and successful.

Which of these courses would help your managers?

  • Coaching for Managers
    Coaching, as a leadership style, undoubtedly has a positive effect on performance, employee motivation and engagement. Yet often managers will say they don’t have the time to coach – life is too busy, too pressurised and coaching too slow. This workshop provides a simple and effective coaching approach to conversations. This approach can be used effectively for conversations about staff performance and development, problem-solving discussions, and team meetings.
  • Managing for the First Time
    Being promoted to the role of a manager means taking on a new responsibilities and developing new skills in order to be effective. This workshop clarifies the role of the manager and what it takes to be successful
  • Managing Performance
    Poor performance can be a huge cost for businesses. If left unchallenged it will affect individual and team morale, and productivity. This workshop focuses on dealing effectively with poor performance.
  • Selection Interviewing
    Any organisation is only as good as the people they employ, so finding the right person for your business is an essential skill. This workshop is designed to equip managers with skills and techniques they can use to conduct effective recruitment interviews which identify candidates that fit your company culture, as well as the legal pitfalls to avoid.

I offer learning for business performance and personal growth. I help people to be positive, productive, enjoy work and stay healthy. During the 16 years that I have run my own business I have trained over 7,000 people, run numerous leadership development programmes, facilitated a wide variety of workshops and have successfully coached many more people one-to-one and in teams.

My areas of expertise and interest includes resilience & wellbeing, team & leadership development, coaching, facilitation and effective communication.

Industry experience includes - technology (IT, engineering, scientific & biotechnology), healthcare, legal, publishing and recruitment.