Organisational Training

Building Resilience

Stress is often unacknowledged by individuals, managers and organisations – ideal conditions for the negative consequences of stress to fester and grow. However, by understanding the stress process and the influence of personal and environmental factors, it is possible not only mitigate these negative effects, but also transform people’s experience of pressure and challenge into something positive.

Dealing Positively with Change

Change happens all the time – and while we do not always have control over the changes that affect us, we can decide how we deal with these changes.

Encouraging Innovation

Innovation is essential in business and yet it is sometimes difficult to encourage. Organisations often have a narrow view of what innovation is and restrict those who can be involved. Innovation is frequently only seen as the generation of ideas, but this fails to recognise, and therefore include, people with different personalities who can contribute to the process of innovation. People are often labelled as ‘creative’ or ‘not creative’, which misses the fact that, in the right circumstances, everyone can be creative and that a range of talents are needed in order to innovate effectively.

Motivating Teams

Motivated teams perform better. However, for teams to be motivated a number of factors need to be in place.


I offer learning for business performance and personal growth. I help people to be positive, productive, enjoy work and stay healthy. During the 16 years that I have run my own business I have trained over 7,000 people, run numerous leadership development programmes, facilitated a wide variety of workshops and have successfully coached many more people one-to-one and in teams.

My areas of expertise and interest includes resilience & wellbeing, team & leadership development, coaching, facilitation and effective communication.

Industry experience includes - technology (IT, engineering, scientific & biotechnology), healthcare, legal, publishing and recruitment.