Dealing with Difficult People

‘There’s nowt so queer as folk’ as the Yorkshire saying goes. Indeed we are all different with our individual quirks, behaviours, expectations and ideals. And we can all be quite difficult to deal with at some point and can find others just as challenging. This workshop explores our social behaviour and how to deal with those difficult instances most effectively.

This workshop is relevant to anyone and everyone as it explores human behaviour in various social settings, identifying triggers for unwanted behaviour and how to influence others through positive interaction.

Course outline:

  •     Identifying what makes a difficult behaviour & how difficult behaviours influence our responses
  •     The human process: personal differences and influences
  •     Social behaviour styles: identify own style and those in your influencing circle
  •     Explore most common social behaviour style conflicts & preferences for each style
  •     Maximise your own behaviour to influence other styles
  •     Social norms, values & expectations, and how they influence our evaluation of others
  •     Verbal & non-verbal influences and maximising positive regard
  •     Self-awareness, acceptance and adaptation
  •     Identifying personal triggers and methods for preventing negative responses
  •     Applying knowledge and techniques to individual examples

Course duration: 10:30-15:30

Maximum number of delegates: 16


Photo by Frank Busch on Unsplash

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