Inspiring Young People Into STEM

We can all play a part in STEM engagement, whether it is in a formal setting through corporate outreach activities or informally whenever opportunities arise. This workshop will give insights into the younger audience and will help you create engaging communications to entice and inspire. We will cover:

  • Fundamental research into effective communication
  • Different audiences and their differing interests, expectations and ability to engage
  • What works and what doesn’t when engaging with a younger audience
  • Objects, demonstrations, magic and busking techniques for grabbing attention
  • Opening conversations
  • Personal impact and generating a positive first impression
  • Interactive communications: questions, objections and challenges
  • Involving the disengaged
  • Ending strong for lasting messages

Course duration: 2.5 hours

Max number of delegates: 16

This subject is also availanle for in-house bespoke workshops and may focus on specific engagement activities such as preparing a group to go into a school or to take part at one of the Cambridge public engagement festivals.

Eloquential specialises in the art and science of effective communication. Our support is often identified within three areas: public speaking, public engagement and public presence. We offer consultancy support for specific events, coaching, training for skills development and tutoring towards communication and performance qualifications.