Level 3 Qualification: Communication Skills

 What are the soft skills companies are looking for most in 2019? They are:

  •     Creativity
  •     Persuasion
  •     Collaboration
  •     Adaptability
  •     Time Management

This programme offers the opportunity to enhance and showcase the skills that companies value most highly with a nationally recognised professional qualification, equivalent to an A-Level, in Communications. Providing you and your employers with significant proof of your achievement, and helping you stand out from the crowd when applying for a new role or promotion.


There are 3 grades within the Level 3 qualifications and each have differing tasks:

  • Grade 6 includes pitching an idea, presenting on a social issue and exploring differing views, and presenting on and discussing the communication process in advertising, politics or education and the skills used in the presentation
  • Grade 7 includes taking part in an interview for a job or training course/opportunity including the use of a prepared CV, discussing the content and delivery of an advertisement provided by the examiner, and providing a public address in response to one of three scenarios provided by the examiner
  • Grade 8 includes discussing the content and delivery of the text of a speech provided by the examiner, expressing and explaining views on a social or political issue introduced by the examiner, and presenting an overview of a contentious issue of own choice from current affairs, social media or politics to discuss, and explain both sides of the argument to the examiner

We believe that learning soft skills is similar to learning to play an instrument. It takes time and regular practice. This programme follows a similar pattern to music lessons. with short sessions every week spread over an academic year, and the opportunity to sit an external exam at the end of the programme. This spaced repetition approach to learning is shown to be most effective in gaining skills with long-term retention and essential for building confidence and experience.

Given the practical nature of this skill and the short intensive sessions involved in the programme, groups are kept small (max 6) to ensure sufficient time for individual focus. This also helps to build a social and supportive nature to the programme enabling the group to benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience.


Other communication qualifications also available: Public Speaking, English as an Additional Language, and Interview Technique.

Eloquential specialises in the art and science of effective communication. Our support is often identified within three areas: public speaking, public engagement and public presence. We offer consultancy support for specific events, coaching, training for skills development and tutoring towards communication and performance qualifications.