Difficult Conversations

Not all conversations are easy, some make us feel very uncomfortable. For example: asking for something personal, giving a response that we know the other person won’t like, broaching a sensitive issue, talking about something which raises strong emotions, giving unwanted feedback etc. This workshop explores these conversations, why they feel difficult and provides skills and techniques for handling them effectively.

This workshop is relevant for those who have to face difficult conversations as part of their job, wish to tackle conversations that they may have so far avoided, or wish to enhance their skills at handling any difficult conversation.

Course outline: 

  • What makes a difficult conversation
  • The human process: personal differences and influences
  • Emotions and how they influence behaviour and communication
  • Recognising triggers and harnessing the unbiased neutral stance
  • Verbal & non-verbal influences and maximising positive influence
  • Listening, exploring and steering conversations
  • Handling questions, objections and concerns
  • Planning and practicing for confidence

Course Duration: 5 hours 10:30-3:30

Maximum number of delegates: 16


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