Now for Something Completely Different (Online)

This web-workshop is run via zoom for a maximum of 20 people. In-house sessions for teams may be adapted according to numbers. We can even adapt to include family groups.

We will run rapidly through a variety of performance exercises and activities both in the large group and in smaller breakout sessions.

Why should you do this and how will you benefit?

  • This provides a completely different focus to break away from normal work activities. This type of creative interlude can help: Improve concentration, Increase productivity, Enhance creativity, Lower stress, & Increase a sense of wellbeing
  • Letting go and having fun enables your brain to wander and this Default Network is one of the big three neural networks identified with creative problem solving so can help you ponder some of those issues you dealing with and may enable a lightbulb moment
  • Games developed for performing arts have been designed specifically to promote areas such as: collaboration, concentration, focus, creativity etc
  • Doing something completely different together as a team or family can help boost morale and wellbeing

Our web-workshops are run using the Zoom platform and feature a high proportion of interactivity utilising breakout rooms, whiteboards, polling and chat to recreate the environment of our normal workshops as much as we possibly can in this virtual world.


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