Neuroscience Screening

Metrion has extensive experience of developing validated screening assays against ion channel cell lines using a number of high quality ion channel platforms with different throughputs. We have access to an extensive ion channel library to complete your work whether that is single point screening, concentration response studies or detailed biophysics studies that thoroughly explore mechanism of action.

Metrion has a number of phenotypic assay platforms to enable its customers to screen their compounds and help translate them towards the clinic or alternatively, provide neurotoxicity safety verification. These assays, using technologies such as manual patch clamp and microelectode array recordings, can offer a direct read-out of physiological function in native tissue or in stem cell derived neurons of your choosing.

Metrion Biosciences is a UK-based pre-clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) focused on delivering a range of high quality ion channel drug discovery services. We provide highly skilled electrophysiology screening services to support client medicinal chemistry optimisation programmes, CiPA compliant cardiac safety profiling assays, neuroscience assays and translational assays.